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Lets get Philosophical

As I shut the door behind me
And step into the unknown

Do I know your still beside me
As we catch butterflies under the moon

Can we laugh and play
With that same relentless tenacity

Will you ever smile at me
with those same open eyes

How do I grow up
In a world of the unknown
How do I catch up
To the knowledge I was never shown
How can I grow up
When im still playing pretend

Can I still go to school
And lsten to what the teachers say

Do I still need to listen
To the wisdom of today

Have I found my own path
Am I sure its the right one

Can I ever look back
When all's said and done

How do I grow up
In a world of the unknown
How do I catch up
To the knowledge I was never shown
How can I grow up
When im still playing pretend

So teacher teach me
While you still can

So mentor, mentor me
Because im still shaking where I stand

So mother lisen to me
I still need your advice

Friend, let me lean on you
As my hands roll the dice

I will grow up
In a world of the unknown
I will try and catch up
And learn what I was never shown
yes, I can still grow up

But nobody ever stops playing pretend

The Timeless Samaritan

       I think I have forgotten what it's like to believe in the good samaritan. It is so rare these days to find people who genuinly care about humanity as a whole, sure there are people who care a great deal about someone else or a certain area; but there are very few people who would care about a complete stranger. Kindness and politness are traits that can be learned, taught and born with, some people learn how to react to the world from there parents, some people from experiences and some, like a friend of mine from high school, are just born with a natural sweetness thats hard to duplicate. I had forgotten what it was like to believe in the kindness of strangers, but today a little of my faith returned because of one such good samaritan. I don't know who it is, or what they look like all I know is I left my 300 dollar phone in a public place, went back a day later and it was in the lost and found. This doesn't seem like much but when you think about the fact that the phone was worth a lot of money, and someone had to care enough about me, a stranger, to put it in the lost and found. It is a small thing, but it restores some of my faith in humanity, somthing I didn't even realize I had lost, I hope in the future I can return this unknown strangers' kindness by being a good samaritan to someone else.
yesterday seems like a dream and today is just as surreal I think its because there are only 5 days left till I start college, unbelievable! I am excited and nervous, which is to be expected of first time freshman. but what im most looking forward to is the freedom, I have friends going to the U of m and I am so excited to go and visit them, I plan on having many adventures this next year, and being in downtown minneapolis I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity. I just hope I can manage to not get arrested or thrown out of school, but other than that the whole world is about to open up to me and I plan on taking advantage of my youth :)

Scary, scary

oh wow I just  posted an application to the hot geeks, I was actually frightened to do so, mostly because I am an extemely sheltered person and posting that much personal information was like giving my solcial security number to the neighborhood gangster. (Yes my neighborhood has a gangster, he's ten and he rides his bike low, like a thug.) but I did it! sadly enough I am extremely proud of myself and whether or not they accept me, (Though I doubt they will, it was a terrible application) I know that I did somthing that I wouldnt normally do, which means this day has been a success.
Serisously, to have a successfull day one has to stretch ones boundries. which means, depressinly enough, that I have had a very imited number of sucessful days but hopefully, with this new year at college starting, I will have a whole slew of them.
Well anyway, invisible friend (For I am certain no real person will ever read this blog, I mean how could they? inless there is a search option for 'girl rambling about nothingness') cross your fingers and pray for me, because I really wish to get into that community! :) wait, can invisible people cross their fingers? I am not really sure, hmm,well the invisible girl on Buffy could play the flute, but invisible friends werent real people to begin with, unlike the girl on Buffy. So, maybe...not? I shall have to ask the first invisible friend I meet in person. Maybe when I have kids....


I happen to know the title of this journal is lame, but seriously who thinks up things like journal titles? I dont.

To be honest the title may have been influenced by my recent addiction to animecrazy.com, has anyone ever really looked the titles of anime eppisodes? some of them are so melodramatic I just sat there trying to figure out where the hell they came up with it. but I suppose thats the bane of anime, everything is melodramatic which is why we humans find it so addicting, I mean really, where else can we indulge our guilty pleasure for dramatics? oh. right. high school.

well, to get on with it, besides the obvious lack in inovative title conjuring I happen to be really excited about this...er. blog. I often talk to myself, (Not out loud....anymore) and I came to a realization that if I write these random and often amusing ramblings I might be able to get a hold of what makes me, me. Which is what every college student should do, I mean really, what else is the freshman year of college for except learning how to study drunk and 'finding' oneself? So as I embark on this next stage in life, I hope that maybe I will 'meet' myself in these writings, or at least figure out what level of crazy I am, that is also helpful.

Well for now, that is enough, I have my last few days of childhood to endure, and I plan to kick the college countdown off with watching the Hannah Montana movie, because im a nerd.



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